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Iberanime + Holloween + Previews


Ok Iberanime came and went aaaaaaaaand I really enjoyed it again but I already made a huge post in my DA with pictures so I won´t talk about it that much. i just want to add that it was lovely meeting the ladies of AC Portugal and be a part of the group and skit. I actually didnt stick to the cosplay schedule and use Alisa on Saturday and Female apprentice on sunday because of it. Onto the news>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This year Halloween I will be celebrating with a couple of friends on the mall and later we will be watching Silent hill revelations  yoshshshshshsh. This movie will be focusing on Silent hill 3 which is Heather's game and as some of you might remember, Heather was my first SH cosplay(well not exactly, it was Lisa but that's not important right now). I really hope this franchise will have a better outcome then Resi wich now is completely boring and lame. I might cosplay and make a shoot hopefully. Maybe I'll bring Claire. I really need some pictures.
And now the previews\\\\\\\\\\\000////////////

Because I was a bit bored and my vacations are almost over here's a few previews that I made of lots of cosplays that will soon see the Light of a convention:)

I had already talked about this costume in another post and look, finished it today finally. The robe was all made with materials I had in home and I love how it came out. Altogether it took me 4 hours to finish. Its all lined and the red is the rest from one of Claire's vest:) yay recyclement of materials. I bought the Gryffindor emblem, the scarf and the tie on Ebay:). the wig I already had<3.

 Woohohohohoho I look so weird with no hair onXD. I didnt put a wig because I use my hair for this cosplay and because I was to lazy to take the wig cap offXD. I had made this jacket ages ago but I still needed to finish it as in put the light blue triangle and the fur on the collar and sleeves. Now i'm just missing her blue emblem. This is probably the next cosplay i'm using and also, because I dyed my hair red again and I have a brown wig laying around, I think I'm gonna style it and make a Korra wig.

I stopped watching anime a few months ago and have only made two exceptions, one of those being fate zero which my sister, enthusiastically, I may add, suggested me and  really enjoyed it. I also have to say that I'm a fan of humonculus and djiins and Ilya fits the profile:) This costume however needs to be improved greatly. I need to iron the seams and the pleats of the skirt better (as you can see in the picture) and her shirt needs to be fitted to my body a whole lot better. You cant really see but I put a lot of effort on the sleeves. My sister told me they really feel like a royal model and the fabric is really pretty too. The wig is one of those lucky biddings where only you seem to be interested in and I got a really long silver wig for around 10€. I finally am able to wear my red lenses too.

So the other exception of my anime strike was fairy tail. Its a bit long for my taste but its amazing. I adopted Natsu as my new Husbando and Lucy as my waifu. You actually already saw this last post. I sewed it in two afternoons after finishing Lucy's arc. When my sister was looking for something to wear on Sunday at Iberanime she saw this costume and asked if she could take it so I quickly finished the final bits and it was ready. She never saw Fairy tail however, what a poser, didn't even know she was missing her blue ribbon on her ponytail, her tatoo, her black bracelet, her belt or hers keysD: What you see on the picture is the costume after being worn on the convention so it needs a lot of ironing now and i would like to fix the chest area where the blue stripe seems to not be parallel like I want:(

Jean greay!!!!!

This is actually a dream costume of mine though i'm not sure i'm bringing this anytime soon, it feels like i'm nakedx_x and i'm not exactly on my best shape right nowXD or at least is what my sister keeps telling me>s.

So this is all for now. if you have questions i'll be happy to answer them.


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