terça-feira, 21 de outubro de 2014

uwabaki shoes

So I made a pair of Uwabaki. I might need them because of cosplay if not it was a fun project:)

so this is what uwabaki looks like
They kinda go for around 50/60 dollars on Ebay (lel).

cosplay I could use them for

                               So basically I had cheap, ugly Primark basic shoes lying around
mark them with pen and cut the opening

Make a color you are satisfied with


start painting but always less than what you want

Not enough blue 

put more tape so its perfect and paint again

paint the soles too

Bias tape and elastic

Finished cheap uwabaki shoes

yey i'm one step closer to be a Japanese school girl.

I didn't took enough pictures but to seal the edges of the shoes were you cut you use the hot glue gun with the bias tape. Then we put the shoe on and mark where we want the elastic to go and glue it again.
I always had the impression the blue shoes were only for the boys and girls wore red but in my research I found out there are actually uwabaki in all the colors of the rainbow and in Corpse party you all boys and girls actually wear blue. All in all This cost 4€ to make. if I need another pair I'll just make them again:)

see you again some other time <3 

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