quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2012



I really don´t have much to say, I think I'm starting to get a bit lazy about the blogueXD bored to take pictures and that but it stops today:D. Gonna post about what I've been doing:)

A few days ago i had a shoot with Lilax, sister and Tânia. Only me and Lilax wore cosplay which was AC againXDXD.
we shoot in Porto cathedral and actually got some nice shoots. the shoot itself was a bit nerving, we had a creepy guy who wouldn't leave us alone, field trip kids mocking us, asian tourists pointing at us and some stupid lady screaming because we were taking pictures there. I'm definitely rethink locations shoots next time because cosplaying in public is really stressful.

I already posted some pictures in my DA but here's another one:

Super quick edition on photoscape and yes I dyed my hair:).
This costume was made for Iberanime last year and I never got decent photos of it.

Speaking of Iberanime sadly this year I wont be able to go to the Lisbon edition:(. Its the first time I skip it for I went to the other four times but work wont let me go;______________;.
I was really looking forward and even prepared two costumes but it seems I'll only go In October nowT^T.
It does mean though that I will have more time to prepare for Japan emotion that will be in one month.
i'm thinking of bringing Heather and male Panty but I have to see if I have the day off first.

On a last note, my sister still had quite a few yards of fabric from her stripey pants so I made a quick jacke of it and a shoot of Gian carlo:

I dont have hazel lenses yet so I wore my blue ones and I also forgot o take the glasses offXD.
I'm not sure if I have enough to make the pants but i'll try to finish the cosplay regardless.

Ok it wasnt much progress but its reported and updated<3
see you next time:)

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