domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

Really small update

So this is gonna be a really small update.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to Iberanime because of work and money issues and I wasn't the only one. Of a group of almost 20 people almost everyone backed out because of money, personal or work relates problems. others simple couldn't handle the pressure and quited and some didn't go either because we weren't Oo. i just have to say that trying to organized a travel like this one is really tiring and frustrating and I guess it really isn't worth it. managing money, goers, group tickets, transports honoraries, tantrums and reservations when half the people avoids you can be really quite a handful. I apologize to my friends Tânia and Silvério who went alone and said couldn't enjoy the whole experience fully because the group wasn't there;__________;

It was the first time ever I failed to attend an Iberanime lol. the first one I was eighteen years old and traveled alone thereXD time flies so fast! It menas that the cosplay plans were moved to Japan Emotion that will be held in two weeks. I'm really excited for it. My friends Lilax, Sui and CX will be entering the Eurocosplay;__________; You go girls!!!!!!!
Ill bring Claire to cheer on them and I'll participate in Saturday's regular contest wih a simple skit and costume of silent hill. Everything's ready, just need to sew a small Roger plushie because I cant make the big one for lack of fabric.
i also hear some people of lisbon will be coming and i cant wait to meat them too:)

Till nest time!! 

XOXO, Cosplay Girl!

5 comentários:

  1. Tive pena que não fossem :( Quero muito conhecer-vos pessoalmente

    1. Mesmo, por ser do Porto falho quase todos os eventos onde estão os cosplayers que queria conhecerT^T.

      Mas ainda hei-de te ver como Ion ao vivo*__*

    2. Pois, compreendo. Eu também já quis ir aí a alguns eventos (especialmente o Iberanime Opo) mas não tenho conseguido T-T

      E claro! XD

  2. 1º ano que faltamos ao ai ai
    pena mesmo >.<

    Nyah...vou ter o teu apoio *___*
    <3 E quero te ver toda sexy lá :3
    oh yah kkukukukuku