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BOOOOOOOOOOOH plus cosplay preview

Sooooooooooooo you probably already heard about the sudden cancellation of Japan emotion;___________; i was really looking forward to that event but suddenly last week it was announced that japan emotion was not happening anymore and no more details or explanation was given so we all are just wondering what happened since no one knows for sure. Don't really know why the organization choose not to say anything but whatever, i'll just keep waiting for others to pop in so I can have fun^^.

Of course that again the debut of the costumers will have to wait but I decided to have a new rubrick to help me keep this updated.
I will start posting cosplay previews of my finished costumes so here's the first>>>>>>

Claire Redfield:

I first debuted this in last IberaOpo, no one really knew who I was except for two people: this guy who came to me and said "Claire" and showed me his tattoo on his arm that read "Made in Heaven" which is written in Claire's vest*__*. I was so surprised and happy to meet such a big fan. And there was a girl that I heard talking to her friend " Oh my God, cannot believe I am seeing a Claire" This are the recognitions i most enjoy when wearing cosplay*3*.

This defenetily needed of few fixings before being showed again.
I remade the vest from scratch because it was too tight and got a new pair of jeans and gloves. I need to make an observation that I know her vest seems to be some type of leather or vinyl bu my machine does not sew any type of fabric like that. I already tried and it nearly ruined it. I'm not sure if its me who does not know how to properly adjust the tension or thread but I rather not take the chance again. Sarja it was then. The necklace, belt, black shirt and gun are the same.
I'm wearing my own hair:)

ok the last one of me is the closest I have of a body shot and the real last one is my kitty that was sleeping in the bed<3

I'm wearing my blue lenses that I absolutely love<3<3<3<3
Next cosplay update will definitely be heather so stay tuned:)

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