domingo, 10 de junho de 2012

Another update plus no pictures

This last month I sewed a lot!!

I organized my fabric and sewing boxes and kind of challenged myself to finish old costumes that got dropped and use fabric to make new ones without spending a cent.

kukuku mission acomplishedXDXD
I finished the very first cosplay I ever sewed with my sewing machine, konoe from Lamento. it was started three years ago when I knew nothing about sewing, tension, threads, stiching etc and I'm still proud of 18-year-old Ema who broke her machine the first day and had to go with her mother the next day exchange itOTL. anyway I remade the blue tunic and made another pair of pants. I also finished my Claire cosplay vest and painted the logo, finished Jill resi 3, finished Thorffin and finished Korra.

As for the cosplays I finished with 0 budget i dig around the box and found fabrics for Homunculus (on my list for this year) Gryffindor student (my sister loled and she saw it) and Sansa from game of thrones.
I screwed with homunculus pants and need to redo them, finished the gryfindor robes and finished Sansa.
The one I liked the most is Sansa dress, so pretty, I think I fell in love and I hope my sister can shoot me soon because her vacation starts tomorrow*__*

P.S. I also want to explain that cosplay really is a hobbie for me and I enjoy sewing very much thats why I sometimes sew two costumes in a day that get called half-assed to groryous cossupuray godesses desu and appearing in events and competitions isnt a goal at all. please hatter chan dissapear.

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