quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2012

Portusaki in two days

As the title says Portusaki is in two days yay!!!
Finally an event that didnt got cancelled like the last two--'. This one is going to have the only contest for EC in Portugal and I gave a huge thought about should I participate or not because as the organisers of the competition like to advertise it, Eurocosplay is a competition for the best of Europe and i'm certainly not in such level. I decided to go anyway and I can say that I pushed myself a lot trying to get the best results I could give. In case you dont know here's the charachter i'm going as:

and here's some WIP

the most dificult part was the painting of the whole white fabric and the patterning:( I think I bought ten x-ato and cut over 1000 hexagons--'I also had major issues with the fabric because I bought super strechy and after painting it it got so stiff that i was basically working with paperD: On top of it the shiny loking black fabric was a nightmare to sew. I think I broke the machine twice. No matter the tension or type of stich I used it was always a fight and it didnt help the fact that in some areas I had 6 layers of fabric to sew.
Anyway is almost finished, only need to do her neck thingie and find the right shoes. I also made a simple M-6 Carnifex to carry with my skit which will be 30 seconds on stageOTL. I'm also having a small table with merchandise with my sister to make some money. Next joutnal will be reporting from the convention:)

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