domingo, 2 de setembro de 2012

Portusaki Report:)


So Portusaki second day is over and it was my second convention of the year lol.
I had a lot of fun especially the second day but here's the full report

I arrived at around 10 am, everyone was still mounting tables, it was funny because i've never been in a vendor's place when everything was still to set up, we were next to two friends that had a drawing table and made bishies and coloured things. Here's my table:

you cant see it very well but we were basically selling wigs, manga, stickers, merchandize, posters etc.
I guess it was cool being able to sit the whole con but it also meant that you were stuck with your table and codnt leave--', Anyway all my friends stop by and kept us company from time to time. we were the farthest table and could have a good visibility from the rest of the con.

Some other tables:

Me and Tânia as Panty and Stocking
and here's some of the cosplayers:


LoK and One Piece

Rouronin Keishin




More cosplayers
 There were many more but I didnt ask for photos:(, Anyway later on It was Eurocosplay<3
The backstage was very chill, all contestants were talking to each other, we were five and this time there were actually more guys than girlsOo who whoud guessXD It was nice to know Carolina and Joss, and participate again with Miguel and Tiago. All costumes were very good, we all comented how it was anyone's game. In the end Miguel won as Simon from TTGL.  The best of luck to him<3

Day Two was much more relaxed than one. I walked with Korra cosplay, in this con we were actually three Korras:) and one Bolin, yay for Avatar cosplay\0/. There were many less people but I still had a great time and bought so many things, origami magnets from the origami table, a mirror and a lucky pack from the lolita table, a clock and 4 posters from Animegam,all the posters together were only 3 euros, I still remenber when there was a Saint seiya poster for 14 euros last year--'. I also ate shrimp chips, and drank chinese tea and shrimp soup.  I forgot to mention that it was so hot both days I was meltinglol.

overral it was a good weekend, its always great to meet friends again espeially my friends silvério, gabriela and Kenzo who are from other cities:) definetely looking foward to the next one<3

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