segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2012


oh hello there.

This past week was my birthday, I turned 21. I feel so mature:), It wasn't a big deal, I got a lot of happy birthady thanks to facebook and my sister offered me 3 games one of wich, Deus Ex got me completely hooked!! havent done anything else since I started to play it<3<3<3 Thank you sister youre the best in the world\o/ she also gave me my very first Lolita dress, its baby the stars shine bright and  a shirt and  a cute necklace that remiinde dme the brothers in Nier.

I decided to give myself a trip to midori because I wanted to check the Ecg but sadly I was very sick during the trip and decided to leave really early. I was feeling so bad that decided to buy another ticket and at 15 I was already sailing awayDX. The train was one hour late because one person committed suicide and we had to wait for the doctor to arrive to declare the death I think:x poor soul rest in peace, I always feel sad when I hear about this things:(.

I had less than three weeks til Iberanime and with this crisis I decided that I am to stop spending so much money in my hobbies and try to save as much as possible so i'll be bringing new cosplays but they will be made with a zero budget. just stuff that are around my house. It will be a challenge but for now it will be like this. I already collected a dozen wigs and fabrics that will keep me occupied for the rest of the year. This means that i changed my cosplay schedule. I will be making Claire and Alisa which are on my list on the other page of the blog:) Expect a new entrie soon

XOXO ema

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