segunda-feira, 1 de abril de 2013

Usagi meet

Last Friday I attended a easter meet:)
I took the oportunitie to make use of a new cosplay, Nai from the manga Karneval.

Honestly it still misses lots of details. I made the shirt and shorts but ended up with not enough fabric to finish the bunny ears which would have worked perfectly with the meet theme being Easter haha and maybe i'm a bit colorblind because honestly I fest his outfit was red and now it sure does look pink. >_<.
I left details to much for the last minute and made his bracelet the night before and was to tired to cut his wigXD I thought I would get time the day itself and totally forgot and had to cut it in a tiny changing room on my knees on the bottom of a mirror while my WCS partner and her gigantic petticoat were occupying the upper mirror half. It still provided cute pictures though:

My favorite part were the cute hearts on my assXD

more photos:

I had lots of fun but had to leave early for workOTL. Thank God that next week i'm on vacations and did I meantion Iberanime too*___*?

see you<3

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