domingo, 5 de maio de 2013

Haruhi 2013


Oh nooo its been to long since I last wrote hereD: When I came from Iberanime I was so dead tired that I didnt write the report and then it slipped my mind--'.

Oh well  this past Saturday I went to a fan made event called Haruhi 2013 held at a public school, Escola Secundária Inês de Castro. It was really fun and I met so many people:) I sadly have no photos whatsoever of the place and the people because I was really busy most of the time and forgot to record;________;

I made a cosplay super last minute:

I was supposed to be accompanied in this little duo but cosplay plans fall apart all of the time lol.
Anyway I put a lot of effort on the jacket and finally successively made a collar that stood up and used interfacing for the first time. gloves and armor were pretty easy, I dyed a pair of old boots and the only true hard part was to make his triangular strip. Oh dear so many work. Overall It was a pretty cheap cosplay, I already owned the shirt, trousers, boots and wig and had the red and white fabric. The only things purchased was the blue fabric, red spray paint, craft foam and blue shadow, everything together was around 8 euros. Noone knew who I was but i still got lots of compliments:)

here's some pictures:

Its so coool cosplaying with more people and its so rare for me to things work out that way that I feel I had the most fun in this cosplay*3* thank you Sandra for cosplaying with me:)

I participated in the cosplay contest and got 4th place*__*. Apart from that I was shot for a cosplay video which I cant wait to see!! so excited:) And that's pretty much about it, I didn't participated in many activities, just had fun with my friends:)

Till next time:)

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