sexta-feira, 17 de maio de 2013

Maitsuki meet

Hello everyone, again one more weekend one more event:)
This time Maitsuki Meet.
It was held at orfeão do Porto, I've never been there before but I liked the space. It had a bar, proper stage, lots of sofas to sit and rest, a big mural to write that was more used has a clean background for photos and it was sponsored once again by Aniplay, I love that store.

The day started for me doing my make up, lenses and getting self conscious of walking out the house with shorts shorts(part of the cosplay)XD;
It was sushi lunch with friends:
before the event sushi with friends:)
After we took a short trip to mascarilha to get some cosplay supplies for my friends, one cosplaying as Lara Croft and the other, who was going to participate in the contest as Sakura; We then get there pay the ticket  and get dressed.

The good points were

  • the maid cafe, all the maids were lovely and beautiful and it also had a few butlers; They had a great menu with food, drinks and lots of Japanese treats; 
  • I liked the stage though not that big contestants had sound and video, its a nice change from the usual gallery walk-on;
  • It was held at a nice location with good access and atm;
  • CPC, I think its a really good initiative; 

alright, now for the bad points

The prices of stands were to high, i tipped a friend and she, after informing herself, told me the stands were almost the same price as in Iberanime but the cake goes to the lack of entertainment, for a paying event there were not much things that differentiate it from others, in fact I felt that Haruhi was a more fulfilling experience in comparison and it had a 0€ entrance. If It wasn't for photoshoots I would have been a bit bored most of the time. I also want to point the lack of updates and little information so close to the date. It made not take that seriously Maitsuki and the CPC. I feel next time things should be more organized and only announced once all the details are taken care of, It also makes things easier to us cosplayers.

 Now I obviously am not involved in events of any kind  and I don't know the difficulties that comes in organizing one so I'll just drop some suggestions:

gaming zone, karaoke, maybe partnerships with other organizations that would allow to have exhibitions in the area (figures, drawings, anything japan related), some members of the community have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and possessions too and can perform small workshops or lectures, some stands dont necessary have to be busyness, they can be only display and therefore a plus for the event; since there's a stage there could be para para, ramen, whatever contest, they are usually seen in every con and serve to at least fill in gaps between main events etccc... 

anyway this was my cosplay:
Hotglueing stuff the night before the con FTW

The winner:)

And this is my report, i do hope I can attend the next one and hope for improvements:)

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