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New project imitation black

 cleaning up dust here lolXD

So I've been wanting to remake one of my old cosplays for a long time mainly because I wanted to check how much I improved over time. I'm really bummed about this stupid photos because I only own a small compact camera that need constant flash and my sister never borrows me hers;v;

I ended up choosing Imitation black:)
This cosplay is three years old I think and I used it on my first Iber Opo in 2010.

It was ok for it being one of the first I made. I remember that I was so fed up making the ruffles that I decided that I didn't needed to hem the endings no more, huge facepalm thereXD.

So here is the process:

I started by collecting the fabrics, they are from all kinds of texture and weigh. I assigned each scrap to each piece depending on what work better and since I wouldn't be using lining or boning for the bodice I used the heaviest and with a little stretch.

For the bodice I used a pattern for a Wedding gown that fits me very well and that I already used on Devola corset and on a white corset I made for me. I really recommend to get one with just your measures because It serves has a great reference for a lot of cosplays and also It saves me a lot a time whenever I need either a dress or a fitted piece.
I placed it on the fabric marked it, marked the sewing allowance that cut it and sew everything. This particular pattern uses the zipper on the sides so I cut the back piece in half to place it exactly on my back.

The skirt is a simple circle skirt. I made one way to small and had to use other piece of fabric to start over. Luckily I still could use the first skirt to make the arm warmers. Anyway, the second skirt had a circumference bigger than my waist and the bodice for more flare so I marked the keys points, N, s, E, w, pined them on the bodice key points and from there on started to gather the skirt and pin it.

The final result:

Dont forget to press all of the seams and serge or zig zag the pieces. The old cosplay was basically turn the edge and sew over it lol.

I made the puffy sleeves detached from the dress. Its just two rectangles serged, that I add the tunnel for the elastic to go in, add some lace and sew closed both edges and puff, cute pieces.
The arm warmers is the then the first skirt that I made two small cut in half with added elastic band and ruffles similar to the technic I described on the puffy sleeves.

 After this I just had to assemble everything and start with the ruffles;
After having more experience, ruffles became much easier and I watch revenge while doing it so it was win win.

I forgot to take pictures of the bodice:X have to remenber next time otl.
here is the result on photographs:

man I look fat in this costume:X I really need to work on that diet asap. and I had trouble with the lashes so I had to skip them.
Anyway, I had lots of fun making it, I feel I improved tremendously and I cant wait to show you the next project I'm working on, Okami:) Hope I get it finished by next January<3

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