sexta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2014


Just to keep this updated.

Ivé been sewing some stuff here and there and using some old fabric:

This is a little project I've been waiting to make for a long time! The official ones are way beyond my budget so I ordered the patch and made this from scratch. The fabric is Jersey Knit (malha de jersey), the only elastic fabric my machine seems to sew. I chose to add a hood and kangaroo pocket because its more my style and despite not being perfect I love the jacket!!


I now have a wardrobe with mirror so I can take full shots of my costumes! Also I would crop the photo but I'm on my sisters computer and her settings are Japanese so I cant work with photoscape:(

Ive also made some progress on my next cosplay, its Aurora from Dysney. I'll be making a full post about it but here some shots of the skirt and corset for now:
pressing seams

making buttonwholes
fabric cutting

fixing some some mistakes with pins

This is for Portoshoot on the carnival, when I was searching for fabric I encountered so many unfinished projects:x I will be making sure they have full priority from now on so no new plans hopefully though thats usually a typical cosplayer lie.

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