domingo, 16 de fevereiro de 2014

Love Love Valentine's Weekend


Yesterday I went to a Valentine's party. It was once again at Aniplay store. They had contests, sorteios, tournaments and delicious food once again. It was a two day event but I only went saturday. I met with my dear Friend Tânia and we took a few pictures together.
I cosplayed Jill Valentine with her S.T.A.R.S. uniform. I was a bit bummed because I mixed the cargo pants I was supposed to take and instead of hers I brought Zidane's so they were supper short:X. You can totally see it in the pictures so I choose to only post the close ups online:( I will have to, another time, make another shooting this time with the full cosplay. Next time though i'll tight the shirt too because shes really lose around my belly and paint the gun because I really dislike orange points:(

The venue was so full! Its like more and more people are coming to this parties, I couldnt even take proper pictures to post here, I think there was over 300 people that or so I've read. Its does gets a bit in the way to check the stuff you want but it is good that the quantity of "otakus" is increasing thus making it a more profitable market and one that holds better.

Place to sit and eat

and thats it for now:) hope i'll have more cosplay to post next time.

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