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Anicomics 2014

Hello everyone:)

yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the last day of Anicomics. I always wanted to attend this event. I couldn't last year because of work but i had a few days off so i was very lucky they ended up matching Anicomics schedule. As usual I went with my friends Tânia, Silvério and Hélder from otakuPT.
ok this event is definitely different from the one i'm used to back in the North(not counting IA). Some things are better, others not so much. Im not a regular at this event so i'm not really sure how things usually go. I was advised that if i wanted to check the cosplay contests and the show I should show up really early so the whole day was almost passed sit in the auditorium. After the dubbers panel, who was really funny to attend there was the dance contest. It was a nice contest but the dances were too long for me and I lost interest pretty quickly. One thing I noticed was the advertising of Kpop but I think that what i heard was only Vocaloid and J-pop? I could be wrong though. After the dance contest They passed SNSD and BigBang so i was happy anyway:D.
After this the auditorium was so full we couldn't leave even if we wanted too. Luckily we found sit places near the stage and I wasn´t wearing my glasses so i could see pretty well:)

The cosplay contest was amazing, I was rotting for the kill la kill group. Their performance was neat!! And so was everybody else. I learned from a friend the skits were the winners from the contest the day before so she was watching everything for the second time againXD.
I was also very happy that the EC had so many contests when last year only three people applied and congratulations to dear Inês, her skit and costume were amazing! cant wait to see what she brings to the final <3! At this point I had been sitting for 5 hours watching all the performances and the cosplay show and my back and legs were killing me! It was almost seven I thing when it ended, there were a bit of delays in the schedule, my circle lenses and wig were killing me so I went outside and took of the costume. a few moments later the winners were announced and me and my friends went to eat at the chinese restaurant we always go and then three hour trip home.

I enjoyed the convention though I feel the activities are very much based around the auditorium, the AA and the kingpin table could be seen very quickly and besides the stage activities I dont think there was much else to do. I deeply regret arriving late that I could not go to the workshop I sign into:X I really wish I could learn a thing or to about props so I could improve in this area. I also sadly couldnt bring my camera so I have no photos at all of this event besides the selfies Tânia took and a small shooting I had that I hope can post here soon.

Anyway this is the costume I took:

Alright I just took this pictures and the costume is a bit wrinkly but you get the the idea. Sadly my Loki wouldn't make it so i solo the day.

I hope I can post real photos soon. Until then:)

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