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New costume: Jennifer Simpson

hello everyone!
I'm forcing myself to write this. I'm neglecting this blog so much lately and I have so many photos to post and things to write about!! Must not be lazy;_______;.

So I had a bit of time to make a new costume and my teacher gave me blue fabric so I though either Alessa or Jennifer.

In the end I decided for Jennifer because I already owned her wig and the rest of the materials for the costume so it would be easier to put together this one.

So lets talk a bit about how I got into this game.
a few years ago I picked clock tower 3

I liked the the characters and mechanics, the whole game not so much but that's is for another post if I ever cosplay Alyssa from this installment. Basically the game was decent but it never made me want to explore much this franchise because of the faults it had. Fast forward a couple of years and me and my sister started to watch old horror movies and stumbled upon Dario Argento work. we liked the three movies we saw of his and two had Jennifer Connely starring in them, one as jennifer Corvino in "Penumbra". 

She actually became my ultimate girlcrush especially because I love bugs and insects and the pace of the movie. For instance, I never really though much of her in "Labyrinth" neither did I care much for that movie(sue me).
Upon research I learned that she was the main inspiration for the prime character of Clock Tower: The first fear, and I was curious about the game. By now I actually must have played it over ten times already. Its really simple point and clique, had never played it before but I enjoyed it still. if you are not a fan of videogames I urge you to at least read the manga, it doesn't take more than ten minutes and its in full colours and its sums up the main events and deaths of the game.

here are my reference shots.

I only had to make her skirt and suspender, the shoes I had plus the chemise.

It was again a simple circle skirt. the fun part was to make the suspenders being invisible because I wanted them to be detachable and yet to become part of the skirt too.

I didnt take much photos of this part but here goes:

The fabric cut, always a full perfect circle cut.

This is two different type of interfacing. I used the right one.

The belt after I interfaced it and added the edges.

After the iron work.
 And this is pretty much the wips I had.

And the shoot photos.

Me and my lame edits.
and see you next time:)

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