sábado, 12 de julho de 2014

Central Comics fest

I just got home a while ago from Central Comics fest aka Summer Heat Fest because boy that was one hot day on a very hot placeX__X.

This convention is more comic related, it had a few western events occurring and Eurocosplay. To be honest all the activities went beside me because it was way to hot and I started to be a bit grumpy. Its amazing how the weather sometimes affects your mood OTL. I ended up on the backstage and dress rooms most of the time so no photos of the place or booths around the commercial area.

I did took plenty inside the cosplay room, Eurocosplay basically made this convention for me.

Me, sister and Cátia

me and some sexy beasts

another couple photo

you cant see it very well but i'm inside a closet

Private rooms always provide the best shenanigans and stories and its always the best way to know other people who also share the wish of representing the country. The mood this year was very laid back, everyone helping each other and having fun. Actually because one of the girls lost her stunts for the skit me and Cátia got pulled last minute to dance Michael Jackson in one of the skits. NO REGRETS!
There were also different faces from the ones who usually go to this eliminatory and the quality was greater than last year too!

In international events there's the need to pay more attention and be even more rigorous with our stuff and props and thank God EuroCos in Porto actually has prejudging. It always makes me roll eyes when intercomps where the costume is the highest point ranker for the cosplayers don't offer the opportunity to judges to take a closer look to cosplays and allow the cosplayer to talk about their body of work.
Anyway, here we have that privilege and together with the skits work I think this year the awards were very well deserved.


Congratulations to Ana for making it this year and best of luck!

The rest of the convention was essentially more pictures, hanging out and staying hydrated.
Its me on the front cover of the monthly agenda with a picture from last year:)

disabled people con, a blind girl and a  paraplegic boy

celebrating Jojo cosplay

me and Tânia

this was literally half of the day for me

I also took a bunch of pictures outside but I'm not happy with them because of the costume. I really love Galatea but I feel i didnt really pull her off. I'll write next week about this cosplay and the things that leave me dissatisfied with it. See ya!

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