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God Eye Galatea- Costume construction

After two days I make another post.

This is a general guide on how I made Galatea.
I wanted to cosplay from claymore since high school. I first wanted to be kid Claire, then my favorite claymore who is Ophelia and I ended up being Galatea.

I was making this for IberanimeLX but I had lots of issues and just threw the project aside. Then CCF came and I mentalized myself to finish cosplays that were half way done. It was either Leah who needs some touches ups or Latea and I chose the later.

The reason why I ended up not making Ophelia is mainly because of the wig

I don't have lacefonts and she has a really sleek ponytail with a braid and so it would look baaaaaaad if I used one of my wigs. She is still my fav because I love craycray characters.
And so, because of the wig I made Galatea instead on her time skip version.

This is a manga only outfit when God-Eye Galatea becomes Sister Latea in Labona. There is no official colors and I always felt the coloured fanarts were a bit to dark for her nun habbit.
I made the dress with non stretch synthetic fabric which was very weird to iron because it felt I was ironing plastic and making really weird noises.

Sadly I don't have pictures of that step but I have plenty of others.
Ruffle Collar 
She has a ruffle collar on her neckline who was nightmarish because of the fabric, thank God for the professional iron on the atelier I study because without it I would be doomed. After ironing the ruffles into submission I found the middles and pined them and sewed everything together.

The white collar was just draped, added interfacing for stiffness and then zipper and lining. 

And then shoes:)

I bought them really cheap in a Chinese store. Se forem do Porto são os chineses que ficam na Trindade, são enormes e tem montes de coisas uteis e baratas para cosplay.
Shoes were beige but I had white spray paint and together with painters tape and a catalog of victorias secret I made them the color i wanted.

5 euro chinese shoes

half done work

pretty white shoes
 in a twist a fate, painters tape wasn't enough to keep the white from the heels. I tried sanding them but it didn't work so I did again the same process this time for the heels only with bronze paint.
Oh no! The paint passed the painters tape into the heel;___;

Trying to fix the heel with bronze paint

I cant seem to find the photos of the finished shoes:(.In the end they look exactly what I wanted. The paint does crack a bit after a while so Ill die them again if I ever need these shoes in the future which I probably will.

There was plans and materials to make Latea's claymore but I didn't finish on time.
Materials, spray paint was one of the really expensive ones>_<


it begins

The sword starting to look like a sword

here I started to sand the beast but never got past this time, it was too time consuming:S
 Wig was simple.
cutting bangs

back of the wig

bangs cut

left overs

styling and trimming 

And this is it. I need to be more careful when taking pictures because I want to start making tutorials and be more detailed in my costume construction. Next time I will be taking a finished Aurora to the medieval fair with a disney group and maybe before I'll cosplay a bit at Aniplay. 
See yah.

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